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Some kind words we received so far

We are an SME with an e-commerce site have used WP Sifu for many years. They are responsive and professional . We have a highly effective website which speedy and any technical hitches have been ironed out. No issue is too big or too small. Thank you WP Sifu .

Info (White & Black Trading)
1 month ago

I had the pleasure of working with Dean for more than 10 years and his services have always exceeded all my expectation. He has always been providing prompt, professional and reliable services. Dean always went above and beyond to ensure that our IT infrastructure runs smoothly. His ongoing support and proactive support have given us peace of mind, knowing that our IT infrastructure is in capable hands. I will highly recommend Websifu to anyone in need of reliable and efficient website support and maintenance services. Thank you!

Management2 (Dover Supply)
1 month ago

Enjoyed working with WebSifu to establish our website - the Malaysian Bird Report. Dean is intuitive, highly responsive, and creative. He cares about the work he is involved & the quality of the output. I would strongly recommend WebSifu to anyone who would like to set up a website.

Amar-Singh HSS
1 month ago

When you've met enough developers who claim to know their stuff but end up disappointed, you'll find Dean a breath of fresh air. He's extremely knowledgable - the kind that comes only with experience garnered over the years. He's helped us solve our issues and is quick to come back with solutions should he be stumped with a particular problem. Dean is pretty much like a coach - he'll talk you through solving the issue so you're not reliant on a developer for future instances, thereby saving your money. As a small business owner, I appreciate this very much.

Sophina Smith
1 month ago

We encountered a massive issue on our webpage which our previous support and hosting provider were unable to explain. At our wits end and after exhausting all options, we found Dean at Websifu. Dean was frank in explaining the challenges in our website error and acknowledged that he may not be the best person to resolve the problem as he had no sight of how the previous support set up our website. We threw in the towel but Dean came back with a solution and managed to resolve our issue after days of effort. We have since port over to Websifu for maintenance and hosting. Dean has been excellent and prompt in his response and service and we have no qualms in recommending him if you need a trustworthy and reliable website support.

hello miiostore
1 month ago

Five-star service and work by Dean. I'm super glad to have known him and to have had my website created by him. 👉 Dean is extremely service-oriented and efficient. He clearly knows what I wanted on my website. Throughout the entire project, he was very patient in answering all my questions and even recommended tips to boost my personal branding and page. If you are looking to create your own website, profile page, or seeking ideas to enhance your digital presence, look no further—just reach out to Dean. Once you engage Dean, you know your website will be on 'Dean's list!

Ed K
2 months ago

Dean is very responsive, act fast and always a phone call away when i needed help which is very important for my business. Engaging Websifu is the best decision I have made. Truly the Sifu of website. Highly recommended !! 👍👍

8 months ago

WebSifu has been such a great help! Long story short, our website was sort of hacked but Dean was able to find out the cause, rectify the issue and secure the site within a couple of days. Kudo to everyone behind WebSifu. Highly recommended!

Chow Kiat Er (C.K.)
11 months ago

I have worked with Dean for over 10 years. Amazing personality. Very helpful and prompt! A pleasure to work with!

Darren Perera
11 months ago