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Premium WordPress Plugins

Power up your website with premium plugins included with your hosting plan

Hand-picked WordPress plugins that make your website work harder for you

WordPress in itself is a good content management system, add in some good plugins and see how it can do a lot more for you. At the last count, there are 50,000 plugins available for WordPress, you can’t possibly have them all, that’s why we pick some of the best for you. Better still, it is already included in your subscription!

WordPress Page Builder

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An advanced drag and drop page builder for WordPress that lets you create or manage your web pages without writing a line of code. As WebSifu+ customer you may request us to install the pro version of the plugin which offers 50+ pro widgets that let you create stunning web pages.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Unbeatable value!
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Create and send beautiful emails or newsletters to up to 10,000 50,000 email addresses from your website. Create subscription form that lets existing or potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list. It’s like having your very own MailChimp right inside your website!

WordPress SEO Tools

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Probably the most feature-rich, all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress website yet! Recommended by the best SEOs on the planet

WordPress Review Plugin

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Extract and display reviews from various social media sites, including Facebook, Google, on your website. You may even create your own feedback form for your customers to leave reviews on your website.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin

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Allows you to transform your website into a multilingual website! The built-in translation management system makes creating pages in additional languages a walk in the park! (Translation services not included, though…)

Data Consent Plugin

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Woocommerce Plugins

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If your website is a Woocommerce store, this is for you — access to >100 plugins specially made for enhancing your Woocommerce store. From selling gift cards to offering discounts based on quantity, to countdown to sale, anything you can imagine that helps you sell more!

WordPress Form Builder

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Build complex WordPress forms easily in a beautiful and user-friendly form builder. Formidable Forms has all the tools and features you need to get results fast. From collecting data to view, manage and analyse. Probably the only form maker plugin you will ever need!

Live Chat for Your Website

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Website visitors are spoilt by choices these days, they are also getting impatient. They have questions about your products or services, they expect instant reply. Offering live chat is your best bet! What’s even better, you may respond to chats using your favorite messengers eg WhatsApp or Facebook, nothing to download!

More WordPress plugins to be added!

We will continue to hunt for good WordPress plugins/addons which we think are good for your website.

Meanwhile, if you wish to have any of above WordPress plugins installed for your website, just sign up for our WebSifu+ maintenance plan and tell us which plugin you want!

How to get these WordPress plugins for your website?

Step 2
We move your WordPress website to our server
Step 3
We install the plugins
(Some plugins require credits for initial set up)

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Absolutely! We paid agency license for the plugins which work out to be much cheaper, compared to what you will have to pay for single site. This is how we can install the plugins for your site at no additional cost. Magic of bulk purchase!

Having said that, we do own the license.

While installing a plugin may take only less than a minute, some plugins require extensive initial set up. Unless you don't mind getting your hands dirty by doing it yourself, otherwise, if you need our help with the initial set up, eg configure the plugin or create the forms or template, we will estimate and advise you beforehand, the amount of credits needed. Then you may proceed to buy the credits if you don't already have them.

You are free to use the plugins for as long as you have active WebSifu+ subscription. Should the day come (hopefully never) that you decide to part way with us and move your website to another server, we will just deactivate the license for your site.  Good news is the plugins will continue to work, just that you won't be able to update the plugins, unless you get your own license.

We can't stop you from doing that, but you won't be able to activate the license for the sites not hosted by us, which means you won't be able to receive update for the plugins.

How about let us host your other sites too? We'll be happy to offer you a deal!

Tell us what plugins you want. If we think the plugins are good for all our other clients too, we may look into getting the agency license (if available) or the possibility of striking a deal with the developer. And should we succeed in getting a good deal, you will be the ultimate winner!

Yes and no. Support will be provided by the original developer. But feel free to send us your question/request and we'll be happy to pass them along!

Some of our happy clients

Always a pleasure working with Dean Loh (Websifu). He is very responsible, fast and on top of that also creative. Highly recommended!

3 years ago

Back in 2021, I get to know WebSifu aka Dean through a mutual friend who is using his service as I'm looking for someone to work on my company's new website at that time. During that process, he displays super professionalism and at the same time fun to work with. One thing for sure is not just his knowledge of what he does best, it went beyond the scope. He often will give ideas and suggestions for my business. Working with him by far is one of my most enjoyable experiences. Would recommend him to anyone. Cheers Dean and keep up the good work!

Wong Teck Soon
11 months ago

Responsive and reliable, willing to work with my ideas (and improve on them) to create envisioned elements and styles, and to help me reach my objectives.

Al Hornsby
3 years ago