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Support Services for WordPress Websites

On-demand support services for busy WordPress website owners

Your website should not be your headache

You need a website for your business, but that doesn’t mean your website should become your sole business. When you think you can save money by doing things yourself, you are actually wasting money by spending time on things that do not give you highest return. Leave your website with us so you can focus your time on more important things, such as growing your business.

How we can help

Fix website issues

Page not loading? Banner image distorted? Google warns visitors about your website not safe to browse? We can help!

Content update

Add news articles to website? Replace banner on homepage? Additional fields for contact form? Change of phone number? We can help!

Search engine issues

Website cannot be found on Google? Wrong pages in Google index? Wrong information shown in Google search results? Let us help you!

WordPress update

WordPress developers introduce new features or release new bug fixes regularly. Keeping it updated ensures your site stays in good shape!

Theme & plugins update

Theme and plugins used to build your site may receive update as often as WordPress core itself. Let us take care of that for you.

Speed improvement

70% of time your website is slow because of your hosting service provider. We can help you with the remaining 30%. Read more...


Support Credits
What do you need help with *
Recommended 4 credits (1 hour)
Price: S$100 (or S$ 50 for WebSifu+ customers)
Recommended 40 credits (10 hours)
Price: S$1,000 (or S$500 for WebSifu+ customers)
Recommended 100 credits (25 hours)
Price: S$2,500 (or S$1,250 for WebSifu+ customers)
Recommended 240 credits (60 hours)
Price: S$6,000 (or S$3,000 for WebSifu+ customers)
  • One credit = 15 minutes, that should be enough for light content update or changes.
  • You may buy credits in bulk for greater savings, credits are valid for 12 months.


Each credit equates to 15-minute work. One credit usually is enough for light content update or changes. Complex work may need more credits. You may buy more credits anytime, but the credits expire after 12 months or together with Managed Hosting subscription (if applicable), whichever occurs first. Even though we say “15 minutes”, it is not like we place a timer in front of us and time our work. We use it as a way for us to loosely gauge how our time was spent. If it normally takes us about 15 minutes to publish a blog/news post with some formatting fixing, it is quite unlikely we would decide to deduct more credits for another post just because our internet connection happened to be slower on that day. To avoid any misunderstanding or disputes, we can let our customers know upfront how many credits will be deducted before we start any work. This allows our customers the opportunity to change their mind or review their requests.

Tell us what are your immediate needs and we will be able to recommend how many credits you need. If you can also tell us what are your upcoming needs, we will be able to recommend how many more credits you can buy in advance to enjoy greater savings. The credits are valid for 12 months so you have plenty of time to decide how you want to spend them!

Credits expire after 12 months. But if you buy more credits, eg 4 credits, you get to carry forward the un-used credits. On the other hand, customers with active WebSifu+, your credits will remain valid for as long as you have active subscription.

Some of our happy clients

People using their websites for income or living should hire this guy, to take care of your website's security. That is why we need website security, let's forget about those famous platforms, they are useless! You spend the money buying their package, then waiting long and chatting with them live in the end you have no clue what you are doing.

lee ya
1 year ago

Wonderfully prompt, professional, precise and committed is what we would speak of Dean (WebSifu)'s work. Thank you very much for being ever-ready to offer technical solutions and suggestions, and a wonderful website!

3 years ago

Five-star service and work by Dean. I'm super glad to have known him and to have had my website created by him. 👉 Dean is extremely service-oriented and efficient. He clearly knows what I wanted on my website. Throughout the entire project, he was very patient in answering all my questions and even recommended tips to boost my personal branding and page. If you are looking to create your own website, profile page, or seeking ideas to enhance your digital presence, look no further—just reach out to Dean. Once you engage Dean, you know your website will be on 'Dean's list!

Ed K
3 months ago